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Veterinary cardiology is the discipline that studies the heart and its diseases, as well as its interactions with the respiratory system and the other systems of the body (kidneys, liver)


Heart disease can develop at any age and affects all species of pets. Some are congenital, present at birth and others occur later in the animal's life.


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Cardiology examinations do not usually require general anaesthesia, however blood test may be necessary which is why we recommend that the animal be fasting during the consultation which includes:

  • a complete clinical examination

  • additional tests relevant to the symptoms observed: cardiac ultrasound, radiography, blood pressure measurement, electrocadiogram (ECG), blood test

  • a diagnosis explained to the owner directly after the examination

  • setting up a treatment adapted to your pet

  • the transfer of information to your treating veterinarian by a detailed account



Holter examination can detect and track heart rhythm disorders over time.

The Holter records the activity of the heart over 24 or 48 hours thanks to a small box that the dog carries on him. The analysis of electrocardiographic accidents over time will allow early detection of heart disease, especially in Boxers and Dobermanns with dilated cardiomyopathy. This Holter examination is also proposed to explore a syncope in dogs that occurs randomly.


The prevalence of hypertension is low in healthy dogs and cats and does not justify systematic pressure measurement.

The search for hypertension, however, occurs in all animals with chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, Cushing's disease, cardiomyopathic hypertrophy, etc.

When an animal has chronic arterial hypertension, certain organs, especially the heart, kidneys, brain and eyes, undergo alterations that become severe and irreversible over time for their health. In contrast, arterial hypotension is also an important biological parameter to identify. In fact, it may be evidence of a cardiovascular (low flow heart failure, vascular shock state) or be induced by molecules (anaesthesia)



For evaluation of valvular disorders, congenital heart defects, cardiac contractility, cardiac muscle presence


Also called ECG, this test measures the heart's rhythms. The electrocardiogram is a paper or digitized recording of the electrical heart activity, in particular to highlight disorders of the cardiac rhythm of dogs or cats (tachycardia, extrasystoles, fibrillation, ...).


Some breeds present risks: King Charles riders, bulldogs, large breed dogs ...

Early detection avoids breeding  dogs with genetically transmitted diseases.



Accredited by Pawpeds for echocardiographic examinations of pedigree cats.



Josephine Dandrieux vétérinaire mobile

After my veterinary studies in Edinburgh, Scotland and several years of practice in private clinics in the United Kingdom, I spent two years at the Alfort Veterinary School (ENVA) in France as an intern in the service of small animals and clinical assistant in internal medicine. It was a defining experience that allowed me to choose my specialization: Cardiology.


During my residency at the Universities of Glasgow, Scotland and Perth, Australia, I attended various internships in the following cardiology departments:

  • Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

  • The Animal Medical Center, New York, USA

  • CHUV, University Hospital Vaud, Lausanne, CH

  • Tierspital, Faculty Vetsuisse, Bern, CH


I obtained a certificate in veterinary cardiology (cert.VC) from the Royal College of Veterinary Science (London UK).

I then created and developed the department of cardiology at the University of Murdoch (Perth, Australia) which I was responsible for 6 years together with a referral activity in private clinic.

BVM&S Graduate of the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies (RDSVS), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Diploma BVM&S of the Royal DIck School of Veterinary Studies (RDSVS), Edinburgh Scotland, UK

Former Internal ENVA, National Veterinary School of Alfort, FR, small animal service

Former Assistant of ENVA, National Veterinary School of Alfort, FR, Department of Internal Medicine

Certificate in Veterinary Cardiology cert.VC (London UK).



Member of the Swiss Society of Veterinarians (SSV)

Member of the Vaudoise Society of Veterinarians (SVV)

Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS)

Member of the Veterinary Cardiology Society (VCS)

Member of the European Society of Veterinary Cardiology (ESVC)

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