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Fiches santé

Health sheets 

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Just like humans, animals are not spared from heart problems. These problems most often appear with age: as you age, the heart can, in fact, get tired and no longer fulfill its role correctly. Some cardiac pathologies can already be present from an early age. 

The heart is a muscle divided into two parts: the right heart and the left heart. Each of these halves is itself divided into two cavities, an atrium and a ventricle.

The left heart receives the oxygen-laden blood that has just passed through the lungs and sends it throughout the body. The right heart, on the other hand, receives the blood charged with carbon dioxide which comes from the organism and sends it to the lungs to be recharged with oxygen. The oxygenated blood then returns to the left heart, and so on.

The work of the heart is essential for the proper functioning of the body and a defect in this work can have more or less serious consequences.

Maladie cardiaque chez les animaux



  •    Administerevery dayyour pet the prescribed medications, even if he is doing better

  •    Never stop or change medication without first consulting your veterinarian 

  •     Heart disease develops gradually. So visitregularlyyour veterinarian to performcontrol

Cardiovetfocus coeur



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