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You have just seen your attending veterinarian who follows your companion.

He believes that the condition of your pet requires the advice of a specialized veterinarian or a specific examination.

That is why, on his advice, you will be directed to CardioVetFocus which only realizes cardiological care that offers the patients a high quality technical, diagnostic, therapeutic and relational service:


  • Obtaining an accurate diagnosis

  • Evaluation of cardiological risks as a preventive measure for certain breeds

  • Targeted therapy

  • Prognosis

  • Improved quality of life


A liaison sheet will be given to you by your attending veterinarian. It gives us all the information necessary for the proper care of your pet.

I work jointly with your veterinarian that I keep informed of the care taken and the results obtained. He will be able to follow your animal in the best conditions.

Vous souhaitez vous informer sur certaines pathologies concernant les maladies cardiaques chez vos compagnons les animaux ? 

CardioVetFocus met à votre disposition des fiches santé 

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